Greetings Storey County Residents,

I’ve had the opportunity and pleasure to know Tony Dosen for almost the entire 17 years I’ve called Storey County home. Tony volunteered and served on the Virginia City Highlands Property Owners Association Board with me for 2 terms. In addition to his serving on the Board, I have also worked with Tony in my capacity as a member of C.E.R.T., a community based volunteer organization and extension of the Storey County Sheriff’s Office.

This working relationship on both fronts has afforded me the opportunity to closely observe Tony’s dedication to his community and his leadership skills and abilities. In my opinion, Tony has a work ethic that is second to none. His willingness to assist the Board during his tenure was greatly appreciated and very much needed. Even after pulling long shifts at the Sheriff’s Office, he would attend our meetings and assist in making financial and operational decisions regarding our daily function as a Board.

In my capacity as a County Commissioner, I have had the opportunity to work with Chief Deputy Tony Dosen regarding issues facing the County and it’s constituents. Tony and I share a common belief that we are public servants and will do whatever is necessary for the betterment of the County and its residents. This is why I fully endorse his run to be our next Sheriff of Storey County.

I have made this decision to endorse Tony Dosen because I feel strongly that the position of Sheriff is more than just the top law enforcement official in our County. The Sheriff, much like a Commissioner has to be in tune with what the needs and wants of the community are. These positions are very much a position for the people.


Jay Carmona

I’m a 6th generation Storey County resident and a Virginia City High School graduate, class of 84. I have and continue to run a successful construction company for the last 34 years. I have also served as a Storey County Commissioner for 14 years and now serve as the governmental affairs director for the County. I care deeply for this County and my wife Christy and I raised our family here and now our children are starting to do the same. The future and direction of this county is extremely important to me which is why I fully endorse Tony Dosen as our next Sheriff of Storey County. His leadership and community minded policing is exactly what we need going forward.


Greg “Bum” Hess

Tony Dosen has my total and complete endorsement to be the next Storey County Sheriff. He has been with the Storey County Sheriff's Office for over 17 years and has helped Sheriff Antinoro create an efficient and effective operation. He is knowledgeable about the current mission of the office and agrees with the current philosophy of community policing and working towards resolving issues before they become problems. Storey County and the State of Nevada need Tony as Sheriff, and I know he will lead the office with dignity and honor." 


RNC Committeewoman, Michele Fiore

Fiore & Dosen.jpg

It is with great pride that I give my full endorsement to Tony Dosen for Storey County Sheriff.


As the State Assemblyman for Storey County for the last 10 years, I have had occasion to work with Tony on numerous occasions. In that time I have come to know that Tony cares about the community and  the people living there. I am certain that Tony will uphold our Constitution and fight for the rights of our citizens.


I hope you will join me in supporting Tony Dosen for Storey County Sheriff.


Jim Wheeler

Nevada State Assemblyman

District 39

I have known Tony Dosen for over 35 years. Tony and I first met during our enlistment in the United States Air Force, where we served together for 4 years. After that time, I joined the Nevada Highway Patrol. Tony, being interested in law enforcement, visited me and from there, was dedicated to make a career in law enforcement, specifically in Nevada. Tony and I served and worked together for the next 25 years.


Through our many assignments, I have known Tony to be nothing but a consummate professional in every aspect. His dedication, integrity and compassion for the community have always stood out not only to me, but to his fellow co-workers and citizens. This was evident to me as I became a supervisor and later, a commander within the department.


I know that over the years, Tony has been an icon within Storey County. Not only has he been instrumental in the stability of the Storey County Sheriff’s office, but his insight and institutional knowledge of the community has demonstrated a proven track record, worthy of his next level as Sheriff.


Finally, as a prior Chief of the Nevada Highway Patrol, I know what is needed and expected for leadership. It takes planning, dedication, commitment, experience and most of all integrity. Tony Dosen carries all of those qualities, and much more. I say these things, not merely out of my friendship with Tony, but because I sincerely believe, Tony will be an outstanding Sheriff.


Please accept my complete and humble endorsement for Tony Dosen, the next Sheriff of Storey County.



Tony Almaraz

Retired Chief

Nevada Highway Patrol