While much of the country, including Northern Nevada has experienced rising crime rates, we've fortunately been able to maintain a relatively low level with little change over the past decade. With the continuing growth in Storey County and Nevada, I am committed to doing everything possible to maintain and lower ours. My years of experience in all aspects of the Sheriff's Office uniquely qualify me for this. Having worked every position from line staff to administration, I have the experience to allocate resources appropriately without a learning curve or time to understand the operations of the Sheriff's Office.



Over the past decade or so we have worked hard to develop rapport and a sense of community between our residents and deputies. I understand the differences in our various communities and the quality of life issues that are important to them. I don't have to figure it out like someone who's not been a part of our Storey County communities.


I will continue to be present in our various communities and be accessible to all residents. I will continue with the community programs the Sheriff's Office is currently involved in and further develop or add to our lineup so long as it is in the best interest of our residents and can be done in a fiscally responsible manner.  I won't promise unrealistic or financially reckless ideas for the sole purpose of votes. This is about our residents safety and security, as well as maintaining our communities as a great places to raises our families. 


Fiscal Responsibility

Let's face it, the Sheriff's Office budget has grown over the years to try meeting the needs of our county. It will likely continue to grow. But that growth needs to be done responsibly. We have kept our budget focused on what is important: necessary equipment, training, and those things mandated by statute. We can always look at issues of pay and benefits for deputies but in the end, those are addressed in negotiations between the union and the county.


We will continue to maintain necessary equipment and provide professional training to deputies to better serve our residents. We will work with both union and county government to attract and retain high quality, professional, yet citizen friendly deputies. I promise to exercise the utmost caution and respect in the management of resources entrusted to us through our tax dollars. 


In the final analysis, my opponent offers everything under the sun for the votes to become Sheriff. I cannot in good conscience do that because it's not ethical, financially responsible, or in some instances, not even possible. What I promise are results. I have the knowledge and experience, as well as the understanding of our communities and the Sheriff's Office to make it happen. I am available to our residents 24/7 and welcome input and questions, not only during my campaign but throughout my term in office. It's your Sheriff's Office and I plan to keep it that way!